Full solar kits

Full solar kits

Solar Craft Ltd design and install complete solar panel packages for thermal energy that are one of the most cost-effective sustainable energy systems and that can be easily integrated into your conventional heating system.

We guarantee complete solar kits installation to the highest European standards at the best price.

Solar Craft’s solar hot water systems are designed to meet a certain percentage of your overall hot water requirement over the year. In a typical dwelling, this is usually 60-75% of the annual hot water requirement, but this can vary depending on economics and hot water requirements. The higher your hot water usage, the more beneficial a solar hot water system will be, as more “free” solar energy will be used. When a solar water heating and hot-water central heating system are used in conjunction, solar heating will either be concentrated in a pre-heating tank that feeds into the tank heated by the central heating, or the solar heat exchanger will replace the lower heating element and the upper element will remain in place to provide for any heating that solar cannot provide.

Please contact one of the Solarcraft Technical sales staff, who would be more than pleased to discuss your solar water heating requirements and design most efficient solar heating systems to be suitable for your home.

* Prices quoted are subject to a full suitability survey and to our standard conditions of sale.