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Solar Craft Ltd has been established in Ireland by our professional team with more than 10 years experience in designing solar thermal heating systems for the Irish climate. Solar tube panels and other solar system components from Solar Craft are among the best solar products available on a nationwide & worldwide scale. We are an authorised installing solar company for the Shentai Solar Group range of solar products. Shentai Solar Group are one of the largest manufacturers of solar thermal evacuated tubes collectors and ancillary solar components in the solar thermal market.

Our mission is to supply Irish households with a free solar hot water to help them reduce their water and energy bills throughout a year.

Solar Energy

What’s Solar Energy?

Solar power is the heat from the sun. It has been looked upon as a powerful, free source of energy used by modern technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal electricity and more. Solar technologies fall into two categories, depending on the way how they capture, convert and distribute sunlight: active and passive solar power.

Active solar techniques include the use of PV panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy. Solar thermal technology can be used for water heating, space heating, space cooling and process heat generation.


Solar water heating systems use sunlight to heat water. The most common types of solar water heaters are evacuated tube collectors. China is the leader in their deployment of solar hot water systems (210 GW by 2020) and Israel and Cyprus are the per capita leaders in the use of solar water heating systems with over 90% of homes using them. In Ireland from 60-70% of the domestic hot water use with temperatures up to 60° can be provided by solar heating systems. Solar thermal installations will perform very satisfactorily provided care is taken to design solar system correctly and you also ensure that the installation is completed to a high standard.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels heat up water directly. A pump pushes a fluid (antifreeze) from a storage tank through manifold in the solar tube collector. The fluid is then heated by heat from the sun absorbed through the tubes of sealed glass (vacuum pipes) and returns to the tank thus heating the water . Pipes are located on the south facing roof where they can receive the most sunlight. The special type of hot water tank is always fitted with solar panels and can have two-three coils to tie in with the conventional heating system.

For more information on solar water heating technology in Ireland please check our FAQ page.

Our Supplies

Suntask (formerly known as Shentai) is an experienced and respected leader in the field of solar energy and with increased Irish awareness of green fuel alternatives there was no better time or place for the unveiling. Fuelled by a passion for conservation and a commitment to quality, Suntask are constantly conducting research and developing more efficient ways to convert solar energy to home heating. Despite a consistent and strong level of solar catchment, solar power has been slow to develop in Ireland. Mr. Yu Hai Qiang, Director & Founder of Suntask, decided it was time to change this by introducing Irish customers to the quality, peace-of-mind and incredible value that solar hot water can offer to homes & businesses alike.

Choosing the same path as the parent company, Solar Craft Ireland will strive to make Ireland a greener country through solar power. This core mission shall be supported by Suntask’s values – a commitment to quality products, a friendly one-to-one customer relationship and a dream of a sustainable world for future generations.

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